Caridina japonica - breeding Vol.2

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Eggs have eyes !

Today I did a macro photo to check on the eggs, and here it is! They have eyes ! I am not sure when the females started carrying the eggs but this indicates that the eggs might hatch in within the next 7 days, and for that reason I transferred the females to the hatchery. The shell is full of brownish dots, so one can't be sure are they eyes or not. The arrow is pointing at the few eggs that are at the end of the pleopods, not hidden under the shell, and they clearly have eyes (Click photo to enlarge).

I have one concern though. I am not sure are the hatchery jars stable to keep the ammonia/nitrite down at all times. I did wrap seeded filter floss around the air stone to jump start the cycle, but you can never be sure. Noren's and French article don't mention anything about preparing the hatchery, did they cycle it or what? Did they feed the female while in the hatching jar? I will feed mine a very small amount tomorrow, just to see will it eat, if not I will remove the food. Anyway, the carrying females are in there, and I hope for the best. I added one stem of Hygro polysperma into each jar. I am not sure will the Hygro grow because the light is not that strong. Will check on it in the next few days. It is a bit frustrating, have to say. I would hate seeing the females suffering in those small jars :-( It would be really great if at least one of them would hatch in next few days so I could return them back to the 180 liter again. All I need is one batch, for this experiment.

( EDIT; a few hours later) - I have noticed several zoeas floating in both hatching jars. Did it start already ???! There is a bit of a water current, which could be the reason for early hatching or did I miss the actual date when the eggs were developed in pleopods? Hm...
Photos by Dusko Bojic.